Man Convicted of Stalking Ashanti

The singer Ashanti will finally get justice. The man that has been stalking her was convicted on these charges and is on his way to jail. For a long time, Ashanti was allegedly being stalked by a 37-year-old man named Devar Hurd. After going to court and being questioned on the stand he was convicted on charges of stalking. Hurd was said to be sending lewd messages to the singer as well as her mother. In the court a jury made up of five women and seven men gave a guilty verdict on this case. Hurd was not happy about his conviction. He could face up to four years in jail for stalking the singer. Hurd has been in jail since 2013 and he is hoping that he could get time served or the time he spent in jail will count towards his sentence. Sentencing will happen on March 31, 2016, and the singer is hoping that Hurd goes away for a long time.

50 cent has $64 million in assets

50 Cent’s financial situation has been put on blast for several months now. On Monday, the Daily Mail revealed documents that 50 Cent‘s assets are considerably higher than he has originally claimed. After filing bankruptcy, 50 Cent claimed assets of about $16 million. In these new documents, it reports that he has about $64 million in assets. This is in addition to $10 million in stocks and checking, as well as $44 million in business ventures. He is still earning $184,000 a month in income and has a high-valued jewelry collection.

Bankruptcy Forms

50 cent1

Lately, questions have been raised about his seriousness on the matter, due to photos being posted on Instagram showing him with stacks of money spelling out the word “broke”. Clearly, not a good look to the judge. Known for similar antics on social media, it doesn’t appear that he cares if the judge takes notice or not. However, 50 Cent’s lawyers claim that he is trying to “maintain his brand and image”. Well, that remains to be seen.

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The Top 3 Best Hip hop Albums of 2015

The year 2015 did not end without presenting hip-hop lovers wit trending albums that made huge sales and became popular among the lovers. The three most outstanding albums in 2015 include:

Dirty Sprite 2 by Future



blow a bag video

The album was Future’s third, and it hit the market on 17th July 2015. It was released by A1 Freebandz and Epic Records. Future composed the album as a sequel of his preceding Dirty Sprite that he composed in 2011. Various publications including Complex, NME, Fact, Noisey,Rolling Stone and Stereogum ranked it as one the best album in 2015, and it ranked No.1 in the US Billboard 200, and it made a stunning sale of 126,000 copies in the first week of its release. The Recording Association of the United States certified the album and as at February 2016, it hit a record sale of 344,000 copies.


If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late By Drake



energy music video

The album entered the hip-hop arena on 13th February 2015. It was the fourth album of the Drake, and it hit the music market first through the iTunes with Cash Money Records preparing audience of its release. The album also earned the most sought position in the Billboard 200 and within three days after its release the album sold 495,000 copies. The album forged a legacy on Spotify by enjoying 17.3 million streams within three days after reaching the market. Interestingly, the previous legacy was held by the same artist in a separate album. In the same year, the album was nominated the Best Hip Hop Awards and earlier in 2016, it received a nomination for the Grammy Awards.

Fetty Wap by Fetty Wap


Fetty Wap 679 music video

Fetty Wap composed the eponymous album, and it was relapsed by RF Productions in conjunction with 300 Entertainment on September 2015. Fey Wap sold 129,000 units after its release and the figure inflated to 288,000 units in January 2016. The album earned a place in the Billboard Hot 100 in the Category of top 40 singles. Hip Hop lovers had a warm reception for the album, and it scored 68/100 in Metacritic. Due to its popularity, the album was among the Best Albums of 2015 at position 40. It was featured on the NME album of the year 2015.

In conclusion, these three albums stood out from the rest. Their dates of release of the albums were distributed all over the year to allow ample time to Hip Hop lovers to enjoy one exemplary talent before turning to another. The three albums were the most popular in 2015, and it is evident by how they continue making sales even in 2016.